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The idea of the YOUTH AWARE project centers on cultural awareness, integration and youth initiative was born by creating empathy through close cooperation with different disadvantaged groups as transferable methodology in order to address issues as social segregation.

In youth workers meetings with the partners of the project, as in consulting the local community youth we were signaled similar needs from all partner countries. The central problem reported was negative reactions towards otherness as result of lack of empathy and value centered education.

32 young people from 7 countries  with ages between 18-30, accompanied by youth leaders came to Romania, Craiova, to increase their awareness about social inclusion and their own person.

The objectives of the project are:

  1. developing the 8 European key competences (knowledge, attitudes and skills) with focus on intercultural competences and personal community initiative, increasing employability and nurturing personal development of 32 youth during 9 days of mobility in Craiova, RO, through non-formal education activities, while interacting with disadvantaged groups.
  2. Creating impact in the participants’ countries at local/regional level to reduce discrimination, increase cross cultural awareness and acceptance during the lifetime of the project
  3. Creating an informal network of 7 organisations with increased organisational capacity and competencies in cultural awareness, social and cultural integration for youth.

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  1. Can Moroccan youth participate in the Erasmus project held by your organization

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