Free support for Erasmus+ KA1 teachers applications

If you want to apply to the 2022 deadline, be quick. The deadline is 23 of February 2022. We offer full support for applications!

Apply now ( Registration form ) and join our network of more than 3000 teachers that had an amazing course experience with us!

Edu2grow and Dominou are part of a very experienced training provider network for teachers.

EU Training Teacher Network organises teacher courses in great travelling locations in Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, Tenerife, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, France, Greece and Romania that you can join using your European funding:

1. Non formal for inclusion – using non formal education methods to foster inclusion. (Erasmus+ priority)
2. Vitamin C boosts education! – Coaching, the non-formal education method to bring out the best from your learners
3. Spice up formal education! – Non-formal education to improve the students’  motivation.
4. Outdoor education – involve students in outdoor learning experiences (Erasmus+ priority)
5. Quality project management – Quality and efficiency for your international projects.
6. Harmony and learning – Promoting harmony through class management and mediation. techniques and reduce early school leaving
7. Creativity and interculturality – Harness the power of creativity through intercultural exchange in the classroom.
8. Make technology your friend! – Using ICT to engage students in the modern classroom. (Erasmus+ priority)
9. Inclusive classroom through ICT  (Erasmus+ priority)
10. Bullying – prevention and intervention (Erasmus+ priority)
Contact us as soon as possible through this form, so we can help you toward a successful application!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cornelia Voinescu says:

    I am a teacher at Aninoasa secondary school,Gorj,I would like to participate in this Project.I would like to learn to develop my teaching methods,also to help my pupils and my colleagues.
    Our school has never been part of one of this project application,plase help US to succede.


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