Who are we?

Edu2Grow Association (PIC number 923336696) is  part of an informal international consortium of organisations focused on education, together with Dominou Association and CCIF Malta.

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Our aims are:

  • Supporting formal, nonformal and informal education of children, youth and adults so they acquire competences necessary to their personal development to integrate them on the labor market, as well as educational research on the same fields;
  • Supporting quality vocational and professional education and training;
  • Supporting the insertion of youth and adults on the labor market, in cooperation with civil society organisms, non governmental institutions, public authorities and other stakeholders;
  • Promoting European Union values and human rights, with special focus on non-discrimination, equality of chances, supporting disadvantaged people from the rural and urban areas
  • Supporting the dialogue and common action of volunteering stakeholders for a sustainable development of volunteering in Romania.
  • Promoting education and research in the spirit of durable development
  • Promoting the involvement of youth and citizens in the local and general policies of the EU, awareness rising and support of active citizenship initiatives

We are members in an informal consortium of international training providers, together with other 3 associations from Romania and Malta and organize Erasmus+ Ka1 training courses in Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, Malta and Romania.

We are also associate members of other 3 international networks: IPCP, with 54 members from more than 20 countries that share interests in theory, methods and practice of active citizenship , E.N.T.E.R. – the European Network for Transfer and Exploitation of EU Project Results and My Past My Present, centered on adult education.

We were founding members of the international symposium „Professional development for experts in education”, where teachers from European countries shared with us their interests in professional development.

We also organised the sixth editon of the national conference „The European dimension of educational institutions” together with our partners, contributing with our knowledge on intercultural learning and non-formal educational methods.

During  all the editions of the symposium we collected information about several educational systems, their needs and challenges and made our courses to answer to them.

We organise national and international youth projects on several subjects, using non-formal education methodology and consult with companies on subjects such as gamification and team building events.

E-mail: edu2grow@edu2grow.org

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